Reasons Why a Living Trust May Be Preferred Over a Will

choosing a living will over a trust

You’ve worked hard to maintain your home, provide for your family, and essentially build your life. Naturally, you would like to protect and control what happens to your assets once you are no longer able. Even if you are a person of modest means, you still have an estate and undoubtedly have preferences as to […]

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Avoid these Eight Common Mistakes in Your Revocable Living Trust

A silver gavel resting on a silver striking plate. Trust and estate planning.

A revocable living trust has long been an important part of estate planning. Done correctly, a living trust can help protect your heirs from creditors, probate, and supply them with any funding you’d like them to have. However, a revocable living trust might not meet your goals if it isn’t arranged properly and periodically reviewed […]

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