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Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is a wealth planning strategy which helps you preserve and protect your property in advance of a claim or the threat of a claim.

The goals of asset protection planning are to provide an incentive for settling a claim, improve bargaining position, offer options when a claim is asserted, and, ultimately, deter litigation.

Unfortunately, too many people are learning far too late that asset protection is not something that can be done as a quick or temporary fix.  Asset protection planning will not be effective from an existing claim.  It must be done long before there is even the hint of a claim.

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We can assist by putting together a comprehensive asset protection plan in place that integrates your financial goals and estate planning goals.  We can help protect your current and future assets from potential creditors through the use of advanced estate planning techniques and asset re-positioning which are out of the reach of creditors’ claims. To discuss your specific asset protection concerns, please contact our Danville office at 925-905-9050.